Agricultural Sciences for school classes

"Open Week Education"

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School classes welcome! During the "Open Week Education" from 4 to 8 July 2022, the Agricultural Sciences opened their doors to school classes of secondary level Sek I and II (7th - 12th grade/Matura).

As part of the "Open Week Education", two classes from the Hohe Promenade High School attended the workshop "On the trace of stable isotopes from grass to milk" at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences at ETH Zürich.

After an introductory lecture by Valentin Klaus, the students got to see the premiere of our new mass spec filmc starring Annika Ackermann. In groups, the students then visited the isotope mass spectrometer, the climate chambers, and the workshop, and prepared powder from unknown milk samples for analysis in the IsoLab. The workshop was organized by Sabina Keller. Many thanks to everyone involved!