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Agricultural Sciences on tour

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With an interactive exhibition programme, the Agricultural Sciences of ETH Zurich were guests at Scientifica in Zurich and at OLMA in St. Gallen. In addition, an offer for school classes (Sek I and II) is being planned.

After the successful exhibition at Scientifica, the Zurich Science Days in September, the Agricultural Sciences of ETH Zurich were a public attraction at OLMA in October 2021.

Educational week scheduled in March 2022

As part of the anniversary activities, the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAS) is planning to offer educational activities for schools from Sek I and II (7th grade to 12th grade/Matura). The date scheduled for this is March 2022. Different IAS research groups will offer an attractive and diverse selection of learning experiences for schools (mostly in German). If you are interested the learn more about our offer for schools, check back later this year or early 2022.

Obstacle course with drone: sketch of the "Drone Game". (Image: Aroma)
Everything in balance?! Wooden elements with different centres of gravity symbolize the different levels and impact areas of the agricultural system. (Image: Aroma)
Depending on what the cow eats, it releases different amounts of greenhouse gases back into the environment. (Image: Aroma)
Scientifica - Zürcher Wissenschaftstage from 5 until 7 September 2021. (Photo: https://scientifica.ch/)
OLMA St. Gallen will take place from 7 until 17 October 2021. (Photo: OLMA)
Welcome to the digital platform! Here you can learn more about the work of our research groups. (Photo: ETH Zurich)