Anniversary event: webinars and press review

Great echo from "150 Years of Agricultural Sciences at ETH Zurich"

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Almost 4,000 people have seen the anniversary film "150 Years of Agricultural Sciences at ETH Zurich" so far. The various webinars by researchers from the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAS) were also well attended. Here are the recordings of the webinars and the press review.

BauernZeitung, 11.05.21
Schweizer Bauer, 05.05.21
Radio top, 04.05.21
Die Grüne, 30.04.21
ETH-Quiz vom 30.04.2021
ETH-News, 23.04.21

Webinar recordings of 4 May 2021

Agricultural Economics and Policy
Grassland Sciences
Crop Science
Animal Physiology
Plant Nutrition
World Food System Center
Animal Genomics
Computational Ecosystem Science
Molecular Plant Breeding
Plant Pathology
Sustainable Agroecosystems
Animal Nutrition
Agricultural Ecology
Study Programme
Environmental Robotics